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. good morning. welcome to "news4 midday." i'm eun yang in for barbara hair ton. right now steamy, steamy temperatures moved into our region from runners to tourist, a number of people are braving dangerous weather at the national mall. taking a look outside, it is 84 degrees already. you can see the haze. meteorologist veronica johnson is in for tom kierein. she has our first forecast. >> hey there. today we are going to have everything from poor air quality
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to high heat. over 90 degrees. today with all that probably the best day out of the workweek. we are at 8 a degrees now. the humidity already high at 61%. of course, what that means is with the high humidity it will be even higher this week, it is going to get harder and harder for us to stay cool. perspire and stay cool. temperatures now at college park at 88 degrees. 85, stack of them from d.c. towards gaithersburg. 84 in ft. belvoir. towards huntingtown. warming up quickly. 88 at college park and warrenton, too. take a look at the radar and satellite loop. some high clouds off to our north and west. there's a boundary that will try to get into the area, much later today. during the overnight period. we could get a shower or thunderstorm around the area. best chance of that will be around leesburg, fauquier county, culpeper, too. the high today is 92 degrees with hazy sunshine and humid conditions. probably feeling more like we
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are up around 95 to 96 later this afternoon, not much relief during the overnight period. a couple of nights this week latter part of the week where a lot of locations will be staying in the upper 70s for an overnight temperature. so by 9:00, 84. into the 70s by tomorrow morning. we will take a look at the 7-day forecast that includes the triple digit readings in just a few minutes. >> thanks so much. the d.c. department of public works already announced changes for the entire week because of this heat. crews will start picking up crash starting at 6:00 a.m. to make sure your trash gets picked up you can take it out to the curb starting at 6:00 p.m. the night before. we are following breaking news out of montgomery county right now. 11:02. school bus caught fire on southbound 270 near montrose road in rockville. about a half an hour ago the driver was the only person to bus when the engine department caught fire and was not injured. emergency crews got the fire under control quickly. this is a live look right now at the area.
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and because of the fire, southbound lanes of 270 are closed right now and we will bring you updates on the road out there throughout the day right here on "news4 midday." new today a fire destroys four boats causing nearly a million dollars in damage in southeast washington. it happened overnight at the washington yacht club in the 1,500 block of m street. news4's tracee wilkins was first on the scene and talked with some of those affected. >> reporter: d.c. firefighters are still out here on the potomac trying to figure out exactly how this fire started. we do have some new information. d.c. fire and ems is now saying that the first call report thing fire actually came from all the way over there on the 11th street bridge. a vehicle passing over made the call to 911. that's just how huge this fire was. these still pictures show just how large the flames were coming from the boats docked in southeast. boat owners were called to the scene early this morning. some in a panic. >> they just called me.
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i got up out of bed and rushed down here from upper northwest. i don't know what the heck it is, what's going on, because i mean, i was just down here on my boat saturday. i just bought the boat. >> reporter: d.c. fire investigators say four boats ranging in size from 35 to 40 feet burned early this morning. the smoke and flames could be seen for miles away. d.c. fire and ems battled the blaze with two fire boats and also on land with on 50 to 60 personnel on the scene. when the smoke cleared there was little to nothing left of the four boats involved. >> awful. it is almost like losing a person in your family because the boat -- means so much to the family. >> reporter: steve is the commodore here at the washington yacht club and was one of the four on fire. he says the club is 105 years old with less than 40 members and is private. rick says he has never
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experienced anything like this fire. >> i have been in boating now for 30-some years. it is just -- first time this has ever happened. this is just a tremendous loss. >> reporter: even with the fire out the cleanup effort is continuing on the anacostia. gallons of gasoline leaked from the burning boats downriver along with debris. d.c. fire and ems is working to contain the mess as their investigation continues. >> the fire started in the boat tied farther out facing out into the anacostia river and the heat and close proximity caused the other boats to catch fire. it is still under investigation but it does appear to be accidental. >> reporter: the good news is no one was injured in this fire. d.c., fire and ems had to wake some folks up that were sleeping on their sxwoets get them to safety. they also had to move some boats out of the way to make sure they didn't catch fire as well. they are still working to try to figure out how this fire
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started. in southeast, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. new today, police in bladensburg, maryland are investigating a double shooting. it happened just after midnight at autumn woods apartment on 57th avenue. one adult and one minor were shot. both are in stable condition. they have not released any information on a possible gunman or motive. pen avenue northwest between 7th and 9th street was close ad couple of hours this morning due to an accident. a car struck a woman early this morning and we don't have any details on her condition. the driver stayed on the scene and police have not released any information on this accident. >> a blown tire may be to blame for a deadly tour bus accident in new york. the bus was traveling from d.c. to niagara falls when it crashed along interstate 390 in steuben county. police say that the driver lost control of the bus and veered down a grassy bank into the woods and landed on its side. at least two people were killed
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and 35 others were hurt. the victims' names have not been released. a new york state police spokesperson said it appears most if not all, of the passengers were visiting from india. montgomery county police say one person was killed when a car hit a utility pole and knocked down power lines and caught fire. this happened along mt. ephraim road. the power line snapped and land order the vehicle and sparked the fire. the driver died. no one else was in the car. traffic alert important d.c. drivers. new pattern is in place near rock creek parkway. it will help alleviate gridlock from construction near the omni shore hotel in northwest washington. megan mcgrath joins us live with more on how this is going to help traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it will affect traffic during the morning rush hour here because it will allow people another access point to get on the rock creek parkway. they reopened a section of cathedral avenue at woodley
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road. just during the morning rush hour. that will allow people to hop on the parkway and headed in the southbound direction. work crews covered some of the detour signs with tarps and moved others to the side. at 7:00 a.m. this stretch of cathedral avenue opened to southbound traffic. allowing commuters to once again jump on the rock creek parkway. >> this is terrific. i'm sick and tired of having to go over back roads. i have been doing at this time past five, six month. >> inconvenient. this has been going on for a year now. it is uncomfortable that you have to go all the way around and not come through here when it is ten times easier to go through here. it is exciting. >> reporter: ongoing construction closed the access ramp to go south on the parkway, residents had to go down to the entry ramp on calvert street. while the new traffic pattern should help in the morning, residents shouldn't get too comfortable. the southbound lane is open only monday through friday from 7:00 a.m. until 9:15 in the morning.
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then it goes back to northbound traffic only and that means no entry to the rock creek parkway. you can see that the road is closed again. this is just a morning time fix. you only have a window of a little over two hours to take advantage of it. it will help in the morning but not in the evening. but folks in the area, very excited about this. road has been closed for months. and -- they say it really is inconvenient to have to go through the neighborhood and make your way down to calvert street. they are hoping things will really improve here. >> let's hope so. megan mcgrath, live in northwest. thank you. with one week of failed negotiations down and two weeks left to go until an historic default congress has their work cut out for them this week. there are at least three different proposals to raise the debt ceiling and cut the deficit. the white house says they are confident a deal will get done but lawmakers still have a long way to go. nbc's brian mooar reports. >> reporter: today on capitol hill, senator tom coburn unveil
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it is most ambitious plan yet to break the debt ceiling stalemate. >> i wouldn't expect it to pass but i would expect people to look at it. >> reporter: he is taking aim on $9 million in government cuts. >> pick half of them. half of them solve our problem. >> reporter: it is just one of several competing republican efforts to beat the august 2nd deadline to raise uncle sam's credit limit. senate minority leader mcconnell is trapped in a leading contender. >> there aren't 218 votes. >> what it does say is we the congress will not take responsibility or accountability for our own decisions. >> reporter: the tea party is getting a vote on a balanced budget amendment. >> the real deal to limit spending and get us in balance would be an amendment to our constitution. without that we are going to talk to each other and run america into the ground. >> reporter: plenty of plans but right now no clear way forward.
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the balanced budget amendment likely does not have the votes to pass but it could clear the pathway to a compromise. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. 84 degrees. not only do we have hot weather moving in, you may also need to break out your umbrella. meteorologist veronica johnson is back in just a moment to tell us when. a number of high-profile arrests in britain's phone hacking investigation. one lawyer is questioning if his client belongs behind bars. a traffic alert for beltway drivers.
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new this midday, the bbc reports former news international executive rebecca brooks will testify before british lawmakers looking into the phone hacking scandal. nbc's stephanie gosk reports. >> reporter: london's top cop resigned under intense pressure after emerged scotland yard hired a former news of the word editor as a media consultant in 2009. the former editor, neil wallace, was arrested for his connections with the phone hacking scandal last week. in stepping down stephenson denies any wrongdoing. >> i have had suggestions we must have suspected the alleged involvement of mr. wallace in phone hacking. let me say unequivocally it is our -- did not and have no
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reason to do so. >> reporter: stephenson says he quit because he's become a distraction for scotland yard which has been criticized for the handling of the phone hacking investigation. among the accusations their failure to notify victims including actor hugh grant who is now suing the department. rebecca brooks, former head of murdoch's british newspaper arm, was the latest person to be arrested. her spokesman says she was asked to come in for questioning on sunday but did not know she would be arrested. brooks resigned from her executive position friday and same day hinton, her predecessor, editor of "the wall street journal" resigned. both deny any wrongdoing. the arrests could open further criticism of james murdoch. >> he may well then find his position in the company vulnerable. that doesn't mean rupert murdoch
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himself is vulnerable. >> reporter: on tuesday, rupeert and james murdoch were publicly answer questions from members of parliament. the deputy prime minister told the bbc what the government wants to hear from the head of news corp. >> he needs to come absolutely clean about what he knew about what his senior executives knew. >> reporter: they published full pa page, we are sorry and what they will do to mauck it wrong and admission. apologizing for our mistakes and fixing them are only first steps, the statement reads. it may take some time for us to rebuild trust. >> that was stephanie gosk reporting. the spokesman for rebecca brooks says her arrest was a complete surprise and she has been cooperating with the police. 11:16 now. meteorologist veronica johnson joins with us the bad news. it is not only hot but
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dangerously so. >> in so much of the country now and especially here on toward the end of the workweek. this is the kind of week when you have to be heat smart around the area. that means those things that you have done this summer going out for the run or even doing yard work, you want to be real smart this week. take a look around the area right now. boy, you can see haze in the area. we have seen folks down at the national mall, too, getting their run in. be heat smart. if you feel yourself getting dizzy, lightheaded, you know, like getting dehydrated, get into the shade, hydrate and just take it slow. 85 degrees is the temperature. dew point already up to 70 degrees, folks. that is humid. in fact, very humid. 61% current humidity across the area. look at some of the other temperatures from 88 degrees already in leesburg, 86 in fredericksburg. 85 here as well as in annapolis and 87 degrees, folks up i-95 in bralt more, maryland. temperatures are rising rather
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quickly right now with that southwesterly wind and big dome of high pressure that's across our area and certainly much of the nation. that's the reason for the high heat coming our way. we have 92 degrees, the forecast high here. 93 in culpeper and fredericksburg. there could be a little bit of an isolated storm popping up just to our south and west later today from loudoun county down towards fauquier county and you a round culpeper as well as rappahannock county. look at the nation. there's 17 states under either a heat advisory or excessive heat warning. so much of the country from north dakota down towards northern texas, all the way off to the east towards ohio. that's where the high heat is, big dome. most intense heat right here. that's what will start pushing this way. by the time we get to the middle of the week we will be on the other side of 95 degrees. by the time we get to the end of the work week and through the weekend we have not had a heat wave that's gone this long. the weekend, around 100 degrees. for our overnight we will step back down into the 80s.
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8 on degrees. partly cloudy sky. may be a thundershower or thunderstorm coming our way. 72 to 74 degrees tomorrow. radar right now is dry and quiet. here is a look at your future weather. take through the next couple of hours. you can see the storms blossoming there. then later tonight, front coming through. little bit of a weak weather front. chance for showers and storms around the area. that around 10:00 and 11:00 p.m. here is your tuesday and high clouds that will be moving through the area. meanwhile, look at the showers and storms around north of miami, florida. that is bret. tropical storm bret may be giving us rip currents by the time we get to the mid and toned of the workweek here. north and eastward along the coastline after giving showers and storms to the bahamas and bermuda by the end of the workweek. as far as the beaches go, the beach water, temperatures are running in the 70s now. 74 degrees.
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92 to 93 degrees for tuesday and wednesday. that will be one busy location as we deal with high heat this week. and a heat wave we have not seen this summer. from 87 to 80 degrees. sheer look at the four-day forecast. are you ready for this? from 9 the today to 93 tomorrow. chance for shower or storm tomorrow, too. 94 on wednesday. then 96 on thursday. and look at the end of the workweek. friday, saturday, sunday, can't stress enough, folks, those without air, if you have a family member or friend, be sure to check on them this week. especially the end of the week. >> likes. thanks for the warning. it is 11:20. the cast of "jersey shore." what do people really think about the area? experts say finances are the key to a successful marriage. but who is holding back in the retirement conversation, the man or woman? plus, preparing healthy meals for your kids.
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we have a dietician live in our studios with one option to help
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welcome back. ice cream, burgers, fries, quick options to eat may not always be the healthiest. especially important our kids. registered dietician danielle jones joins us now live to -- nice to see you -- for healthy ideas on how to get your kids to
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eat more vegetables and eat more fruits. fruits is not -- as hard. but i feel like getting your kids to eat vegetables is always a battle. besides throwing cheese on the whole thing, what are ways we can encourage our kids to eat vegetables? >> we wish we had the kids that will eat whatever you put in front of them. there are kids like that. the first thing we have to do is figure out what kind of child we have. there's ambitious eaters, cautious eaters, picky eaters. learning what kind of style your child is is important in how you will introduce these foods. there is no right way. there are a lot of different ways but no right way. one thing that's trusted is -- you as a parent have to provide the food. you give them the choices. you give them what they are going to eat and when and it is their job to decide how much. it is that -- idea of long-term thinking instead of short-term thinking. if you are constantly exposing them to these foods and it is always on their plate, and they
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will try it, and maybe they won't try it and in different ways. over time, they are going to try it. they are going to keep putting it on their plates. so you have to really have sort of long-term thinking. creating kids that like vegetables and not just kids that eat vegetable. >> like vegetables. that's the key without making it like i said added cheese or creating -- >> you can add some cheese. you know. it doesn't have to cover the vegetable. a little bit of parmesan or feta cheese, whatever they like. also just different ways of preparing it. roasted vegetables. >> that's the thing, you have to set the example. >> do you. if you are not eating them they will not eat them. you have to model good behavior. roasting them, baking them, grilling them, having them dipped. humus. my daughter will eat avocado but doesn't like guacamole. trying it different ways. they might like the shredded carrots. different ways is important. >> some people may be intimidate bid how to prepare vegetables
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and meals that children might like. that's quick and easy. have you something here today that is -- relatively easy to make and chock full of vegetables. it is us about this dish. >> the great thing about the dish, you can give them variety like a dinner buffet. so we started off with couscous. whole wheat couscous. there are different flavors p if you want to experiment. boiled water, five minutes later have you pasta. then it is just adding in raw vegetables. we have a selection here of peppers and of -- scallions and carrots. the little baby cucumbers are great. little mushrooms. i like to do them small size because i have a little one at home. the bigger kids obviously can have the bigger veggies. cherry tomatoes. and then just kind of mix it up with cheese. i have corn in there. mix it up. i -- used homemade dressing from the recipe. you use whatever have you on hand. if you have a bottle of salad dressing that your kids love,
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that's going to be a great delivery system to get them to eat that meal. >> let's take a look at the recipe you have for us here. it has a tablespoon of white wine vinegar, tablespoon of lemon juice, freshly squeezed. half a teaspoon of oregano if it is dried. some pepper, salt, and whisk that up. >> takes two minutes. so simple. >> couscous and any variety of vegetables. i guess you can ask your child which ones he or she would like. >> get involved. this is a great dish for them to sit down and prepare. if you have kids that like different types of vegetables, even better. then they can pick what they like and not every child has to have the same thing. >> taste goods, too. >> tastes good. >> that's the key. danielle omar, thanks for joining us today. still ahead, construction on the beltway that may soon impact your commute bus casey anthony's release from jail. her attorney talked hours ago about the difficult days ahead now that she is a free woman. retailer mistake that had the
11:28 am
new ipad on sale for less than $100. also ahead, meteorologist veronica johnson has your steamy
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we are following breaking news out of montgomery county right now a school bus caught fire on southbound 270 near montrose road in rockville a half hour ago. the driver was the only person on the bus when the engine
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compartment caught fire. he was not injured and emergency crews got the fire under control quickly. here is a live look at that area. because of that fire southbound lanes of 27 on 0 remain closed now. the backup is extended to montgomery avenue. be aware of that. also right now, an investigation is under way to figure out what caused an overnight fire at the washington yacht club along the southeast waterfront. the fire destroyed four boats causing about a million dollars worth of damage. a new traffic pattern started today on cathedral avenue northwest that lets drivers back on the rock creek parkway. due to construction drivers had to go down calvert street to drive southbound rock creek park. from 7:00 to 9:15 monday through friday you can use cathedral avenue exit at rock creek park. then reverts back to northbound traffic only. major heat wave is moving into our area as well. much of the central u.s. sunday a so-called heat dome causing drought conditions in texas. heat advisories and warn rings
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in effect in 17 states from texas to michigan as temperatures hit triple digits in some spots. we are feeling the effects of the heat wave as it moves across the country. it will be hot right here. meteorologist veronica johnson is in the storm center with the latest on how hot lit get. >> hey there. we are just on the fringe of that heat today. by the end of the week we are talking about record breaking heat around be the area. lot of folks know that already. so they have been out in it. getting the run, walk in, as early as possible. perspiring? yes. that's your body's way of keeping cool. you know what happens when there is more humidity in the air? it is so much harder to perspire and stay cool. little bit of a light breeze this morning. that's gone now. we have hazy conditions across the area. temperature at reagan national at 85 degrees. i think we will rise another six to seven degrees and get into the low 90s this afternoon. south wind eight miles per hour. radar is quiet. do co-have an isolated
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thunderstorm coming our way this afternoon. better chance of rain by 10:00, 11:00 p.m. that will be very late and a chance of rain tomorrow, too. not going to do much to cool us off. after today's high of 92 degrees, we will be cooling off into the low to mid 70s by tomorrow morning. i think by tomorrow morning we will be back to partly cloudy skies. 90s today. 89 to about 93 degrees across area. look at your evening forecast, folks. we are expecting, again, a few isolated storms, 87 to 80 degrees. cooling off and then by the time we get to wednesday, 94 to 95. heat wave for us. something we have not seen yet this summer on. heat wave that will last so, so long, at least seven days. >> veronica, sounds tough. thank you. this morning, casey anthony woke up a free woman today but no one knows where she is. nbc's kerry sanders reports. >> reporter: flanked by her attorney, casey anthony wearing a bright pink shirt, skinny
11:34 am
jeans and sneakers, mouthed a simple thank you to one of the armed officers at the jail and in just 15 seconds, she was out the front door. amid protesters' cat calls, casey made her way to a waiting suv where she flashed a slim smile and then she and her crew sped off. some of those that gathered here still angry at her acquittal gave chase on foot while from above news helicopters followed the gray suburban. >> get out of the street! >> reporter: deputies blocked off access giving casey a secure route to escape the community's anger. >> she is not worth the time of day. after tonight she is dead in my room. she is gone. >> reporter: high level security was put in place after casey's
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lawyer said she had received repeated death threats. the gray suburban escape vehicle, unlike that other famous chase of the white bronco on california's 405, gave airborne cameramen the slip among the buildings in downtown orlando. it is believed that casey went to her attorney's office but for a while it appeared the suv had driven on to the tarmac at a city airport where a private jet took off. faa records show the plane went to columbus, ohio. but there is no passenger manifest to reveal if casey was onboard. where did casey go? her attorneys won't say. her brother won't say. her parents won't say. >> we are here for caylee. >> reporter: on sunday people gathered here where caylee's remains were found. all with the shared sense of anguish. >> i just keep thinking about little caylee and how sad that her sweet little life, she was than even 3 years old and this is what she had to go through. it just breaks my heart. i just wanted to honor this
11:36 am
little girl's memory. >> that was kerry sanders reporting. casey anthony's attorney says she is in a safe place but won't say where. he spoke this morning on the "today" show. >> her life will be very difficult for a very long time. as long as there are so many people, lynch mob mentality, and those willing to deny the fact that the jury found her not guilty, she is going to have issues. even without that she has issues of dealing with the loss of her child in which she has not gotten over and probably never will. and the fact she spent three years locked up in a cage. very psyches logically expensive for a human being. lit take her a while to just. >> her attorney, cheney mason, says an outpouring of volunteers have come forward offering their time to help support her life. one person is dead and two others are seriously injured after a car drove through a camping area at a music festival in west virginia. officials say the car drove through the all-good festival
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camping area in mason stound morning and believe the driver was trying to leave the festival and lost control of the vehicle. so far no charges have been filed. heads-up for those that enjoy the metropolitan branch trail. d.c. police say there have been two more robberies on the trail in the past week and a half. the most marinesent happened friday morning when a man robbed someone at gunpoint. the trail that goes north of the capitol to silver spring, maryland, has been the scene of five incidents from may to june. in response, the guardian angels have also begun patrolling the trail as parts of it are hidden from street view. we have a traffic alert for drivers in maryland starting at the end of the month. major resurfacing project will begin on the beltway in silver spring that will last until fall. the state highway administration will be repaving a four-mile stretch of both inner and outer loop between colesville road and seminary road. single lane closures from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. monday through friday. two lanes will close during
11:38 am
overnight hours during the week as well. you may see crews out starting today as they begin to prep for that project. all work should be completed before thanksgiving. metro is launching a new effort to use social media sites to directly communicate with riders. according to "the washington post," the agency plans on sending out alerts on facebook and twitter about delays or any problems on bus and trains. busses and trains. metro has come under fire on several occasions when riders posted problems online like broken escalators or broken air conditioners on the trains. today two political operatives of governor ehrlich on robocall controversy. >> everything is fine. the only thing left -- >> a grand jury indicted the two to try to discourage voters from going to the polls. last year a robocall went tout voters in prince george's county
11:39 am
on election day saying democrat martin o'malley had already won the election so democrats could stay home. right now president obama is meeting with some of the nation's wealthiest citizens. warren buffett and bill and mel dane gates at the white house now. the pledge was founded by buffett and the gates family. it encourage it is wealthiest to giving more than half their wealth to charitable causes. the president wants to know how private fiphilanthropies like t giving pledge can help address the nation's biggest challenges. the president will also announce no, ma'am they former ohio attorney general richard cordray. the bureau will regulate products including mortgages and credit cards and the new agency will open on thursday. today at noon the african-american civil war museum will reopen. the maas yum is holding a ribbon
11:40 am
cutting ceremony followed by a dedication and rewards program. the museum is set to reopen after moving from you street to vermont avenue northwest. the 5,000 square foot facility got $5 million renovation and also includes a media center and research area. the research area also features a database that will allow people to look at who marched into battle and fought for their country. today marks the birthday of a revolutionary figure in world politics. nelson mandela is celebrating his 93rd birthday today. more than 12 million students sang a special version of happy birthday for the former south african president. a pre-birthday celebration yesterday. and family with family and friends. today people are asked to give 67 minutes of their time to help others. one for every year of mandela's public service. if all goes planned, as planned, football fans could be gearing up for the season by the end of the week. nfl players and owners are meeting today in new york for
11:41 am
what both sides hope will be final negotiations. those meetings will likely last until tomorrow. by wednesday, players hope to re-establish their union and approve the new collective bargaining agreement which would be just in time for the owners to take the new deal to atlanta for a special owners meeting and their final vote. it is 11:40. the new research that suggests you may not be the safest driver when your kids are in the car.
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right now the crew of space shuttle "atlantis" is wrapping up their final mission. here is a live look from nasa. the astronauts will say good-bye to the international space station and close the hatch to the 30-year space program. >> have a great day! >> the folks at the johnson space center in texas helped wake up the crew. astronauts s moved the canist from a size of a bus back to the shuttle full of supplies and now full of trash. "atlantis" is scheduled to undock from the space station tomorrow. american troops who suffered any brain injury no matter how mild or are at a higher risk of developing alzheimer's disease. federal researchers that found
11:45 am
veterans that suffered a traumatic brain injury ranging from concussion to skull fractures were twice as likely to develop dementia. only moderate or severe brain injuries pose a dementia risk. elderly drivers are often teased for driving too slowly. but a new study out today shows your kids may be safer riding with their grandparents than their parents. the research looked at crash claims in 15 states between 2003 and 2007. while older drivers are more likely to get in accidents, the study found the risk of a child being injured while with a grandparent is as much as 50% lower than with the parent. researchers aren't sure how to explain the findings but say grandparents may drive more cautiously with kids in the car and may also be less distracted than busy parents. what's the key to a good marriage? communication? honesty, physical attraction? perhaps. how about economics. incomes's chris clackum has more
11:46 am
on how a couple's finances may be the key to a healthy relationship. >> reporter: even among couples at or near retirement with decades of conversations behind them, rarely does the talk turn to finances. according to research from fidelity investment. >> frankly, the survey results actually surprised us. we found that less than half of a couple surveyed -- these are people that are near retirement. less than half of those couples had actually planned jointly for retirement. >> reporter: fidelity's kathleen murphy says style owns the subject of finances can really hurt. at the most inopportune time. >> sad when people work for 20, 30, 40 years and then can't have the retirement they want to because they weren't planning enough. >> reporter: she says more times than not, it is the wife who is less engaged than the husband. rather than the other way around. >> it is really sad, frankly, to see so many women not involved
11:47 am
in the financial and investment decisionmaking process because on average, women will live longer than men. >> reporter: in right of an economic downturn, though, where retirement accounts took a beating, even young couples are expected to do better going forward planning for retirement. chris clackum, nbc news. >> right now investors are monitoring the looming debt deal and the phone hacking scandal across the pond on this first day of trading this week. mandy drury joins us live from cnbc headquarters. >> after wrapping up a really tough week, with stocks, saw gold hitting a new record high, we are start thing trading week on a very rough note, too. u.s. stocks are down by over 1%. republicans and democrats really scrambling to work out a fallback plan that would prevent the u.s. from defaulting on its debts. the debt line is looming and it is august 2. debt concerns are also heightening in europe. market feels pressure from both sides.
11:48 am
the hope is that strong u.s. aid will help drumship of those concerns and the first busy week second quarters earning season, half of the dow industrials set to report with 113 s&p 500 firms. of the 39 companies in the s&p reported last week, 74% posted higher than expected profits. also today halliburton causing 54 percent jump in profit. we are hoping strong earnings will continue. elsewhere the troubles con for the media and entertainment group news corp. brooks was arrested yesterday. making her the tenth person arrested as part of the phone hacking scandal. we know the housing mark set still doing tough. today the home building sentiment index, it rose two points. slightly above expectations but still coming in well below the break-even level of 50 that
11:49 am
separates growth from contraction. >> thanks so much. have a great day. despite the debt crisis and lackluster job reports, economists say that they believe hiring will rebound before the end of the year. quarterly survey by the national association for business economists found 43% of businesses say they will increase employment in the next six months. that's the highest percentage in a year. none say they plan on any layoffs and the manufacturing sector had the best outlook. 76% of respondents say they expect the gross domestic product to grow 2% or more. people thought they were getting a sweet deal on the new ipad 2. mega-deal turned out to be a big mistake. this weekend sears posted an online ad selling the ipad 2 for $69. too good to be true. here is a look at the ad from tech crunch. sears says it was a type owe by a third party vendor. the ipad normally sells for about $745. sears says it refunded customers
11:50 am
who bought the ipad for that lower price. frustrated shoppers are taking to the internet trying to get sears to honor that price. good luck with that. 11:49. we have that awkward conversation on the "today" show
11:51 am
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setting the bloody place on fire. >> harry potter series ends with a box office smash. it brought in a record setting $168.6 million in its opening weekend. that means the previous record set by "the dark night," many kids grew up reading the books and adults as well in watching those movies and now it is all coming to an end. the u.s. women's soccer team is heading home today after losing a heartbreaker in the world cup final. the team boarded a bus in frankfurt, germany, and will return to the united states sometime today. the americans lost to japan in penalty kicks after leading most of the game. megan rapino said while it was definitely dispiain't pointing lose the team is coming back to a country that's extremely proud of us. yesterday's thrilling game set a new record on twitter.
11:54 am
the shoot-out win for japan over the u.s. drew 7,196 tweets per second. that's the most ever in the social network's history. all right. i like it it is from a women's soccer game. to compare to other moments, the death of bin laden. the most recent super bowl had 4,000 tweetsing a second. despite the loss there was a bit of fun from yesterday's game. check this out. one fan has become an internet hit for his unique way of celebrating. it happened after morgan scored the american's first goal. in the stands there have you the young man. he just can't help himself just lifts up his shirt in ex-ub sxrans caught up in the excitement of the goal. the clip of the world cup flasher as he's known now has been up for about 24 hours and already has more than 12,000 views. there you go. the two stars of "friends with benefits" accepted their invitations to separate marine corps balls. corporal kelsey desantis posted
11:55 am
this video asking justin timberlake to join her to the november ball here in d.c. is this comes after another marine asked actress mila kunis to attend the ball in north carolina. this morning on the today show the pair had a little fun discussing their upcoming dates. >> you both have become the belles of the ball. the marine corps ball. what's the -- what's the story? you are going, right? >> yes. he's going, too. >> you got an invitation as well. >> two completely different ball. >> two separate ball. >> apparently there are -- >> multiple ball. >> multiple balls. >> marines have a lot of ball. >> marines 'have got balls. >> leave it to justin timberlake. at this time no marine asked kunis and timberlake's other co-stars to the event. one did invite betty white. we are still waiting to hear from her. it turns out snooki and the situation aren't hurting the
11:56 am
garden state's reputation. in fact, they might be helping. a new poll says 43% of people who have seen the show have a favorable opinion of new jersey. those are the people that have seen the show. compare that to 41% of people who haven't seen the show. i'm scratching my head over this one. those interviewed say the show makes the garden state seem more interesting. interesting. i guess that's one way to put it. now let's take a look at the stories we are working on for news4 this afternoon. coming up on "news4 at 4:00," get ready for triple digit temperatures and stifling humidity. sweltering heat. causing big problems for the country's midsection. the drastic measures some are taking to survive the heat. >> i'm liz crenshaw. turning fresh sum are fruits into fabulousde dessert. >> a final check of the forecast with meteorologist veronica johnson. this is not heat that we can joke around with. >> no.
11:57 am
>> this will be serious humidity and dangerous heat. >> right. stifling. especially by the time we get to the mid and end of the week. dangerous type of heat. if there is someone that does not have air conditioning, you will want to check on them. friend, family member. you can see haze out there right now on, boy, the air will get thicker with poor air quality towards the middle and end of the workweek, too. temperature currently, folks, running already in the 80s across the area. 88, close to 90 with the east-southeast wind. just at three miles per hour. dew point temperature at 70 degrees. get that number over 60. you are already talking about tad bit of humidity but 70 degrees, very humid conditions outside. high temperature today is 92 degrees. with the southwesterly wind. there will be storms popping. i think this afternoon just to the south and west of the area. by 10:00, 11:00 p.m., chance to see storms slide through here. not many. mostly to the north of the area. but nonetheless chance for storms and better chance tomorrow. it will cool us off and give us
11:58 am
a little bit of rain. come 80 degrees 11:00 p.m., and 74 early part of the day tomorrow. 70s for the overnight. by the time we get to the end of the week, upper 70s to 80 degrees for an overnight temperature high. storms coming our way. it will be a very hot week. >> all right. we are -- kind of trying to wrap our heads around that and be prepared. that does it for us. thanks for joining us for "news4 midday." tune in at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 for all the day's news. until
11:59 am

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